( -- or what people tend to think of as the "future." After all, the moment something is done it stops being the future and becomes the present. Unless of course, you're a time traveller and can go back to the past where it will once again become the future.... )

Anyway, here are some links to futuristic-type stuff that's really being done or planned now:

Future Lifestyle:

The Future of Things

Institute for the Future

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

World Transhumanist Association


CNN: Just Imagine

What's Next


Technocracy's Research Library

Center for Sociocybernetics Studies Bonn

The Venus Project

Model Polar City Blueprints: Year 2121 A.D.

Floating City Project


Space Activism Home Page

The First Millenial Foundation

The Long Now Foundation

The National Space Society  (formerly The L5 Society)

Faster-Than-Light Travel and Non-Newtonian Physics:

Black Holes: Portals Into the Unknown

NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program

Stephen Hawking's Universe

Warp Drive, When?

Zero-Point Field

General Outer Space Info:

The Astrobiology Web

Pete Skeggs' Science and Space Web Pages

General Space Technology:

Aspire: Past, Present, and Future Planetary Spacecraft Technology and Missions

Spaceports (blog)

Kennedy Space Center

Liftoff to Space Exploration

The Space Elevator Concept

Miscellaneous NASA Projects:

Cassini: Mission to Saturn

Hubble Space Telescope  (Space Telescope Science Institute site)

Project Galileo: Bringing Jupiter to Earth

The NASA Shuttle Web

Voyager Project Home Page  (includes JPL & NASA links)

Living in Space:

The Astrobiology Web: Space Colonies

Colony Worlds

Colony Worlds  (old site)

International Space Station

Mir Space Station


The Case for Mars

Mars Direct

Mars Missions  (NASA)

The Mars Society

Peabody's Staff of Mars

Planet Mars Home Page

West to Mars: Journey Through the Possibilities

The Moon and Asteroids:

The Artemis Project  (moon)

The Future of Space Mining

Lunar Prospector

Projects to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term (PERMANENT)

Planets Outside the Solar System:


Extra-Terrestrial Life:

NASA Exobiology Program at Ames Institute

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence  (SETI)

Time Travel:

Time Travel

Time Travel  (Strange Magazine)

Power Sources / Materials:

ITER: International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

Computers / Nanotech / Misc. Gadgets:

Advanced Computer Technology Website

Ubiquitous Computing


Ubiquitous Computing

Carnegie Mellon Cylab Mobility Research Center

National Nanotechnology Initiative

Nanotechnology: The International Small Technology Network

Foresight Institute

Nanocomputer Dream Team


Microsoft FUSE Labs


Robotic Life

Carnegie Mellon: The Robotics Institute

The History of Robotics

A Short History of Robots

Universal Robots: The History and Workings of Robotics

A Global Perspective on the History of Mobile Service Robots - "How did we get here?"

Yesterday's Futures:

Paleofuture: The Future That Never Was (2007-2011)

Paleofuture: The Future That Never Was (after Sept. 2011)

Tales of Future Past


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