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    Electronic Text Archives
    The Internet Public Library
    Digital Public Library of America
    The Public Domain Review A Free Website for Periodicals, Books, and Videos
    University of Virginia Scholar's Lab: Digital Resources
    University of Illinois Library
    Harvard Libraries
    The Open Library: Scan-On-Demand: Boston Public Library
    The Online Books Page
    Arthur's Classic Novels
    Library of Congress
    Library of Congress: American Memory
    Library of Congress' photostream
    World Digital Library
    The European Library
    National Library of Ireland
    The National Library of Scotland
    The National Library of Wales
    The British Library
    The British Library: Digitised Manuscripts
    The British Library: Photostream
    The Royal Society: Turning the Pages
    Digital Bodleian
    Bibliotheque nationale de France
    Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    Libraries of Timbuktu (no online e-texts as of Jan. 2011)
    Memory of Mankind
    New York Public Library
    New York Public Library Digital Gallery
    NYPL: Stereogranimator
    Boston Public Library
    Tulsa City-County Library
    Public Libraries in the United States
    Lib-Web-Cats: A directory of libraries throughout the world (use search; browse doesn't work well)
    Project Gutenberg Australia (life +50 copyright)
    Free Read: Free Reading in Australia (life +50 copyright)
    TeleLib - Words - Index (life +70 copyright)
    TeleLib - Words - Index (life +70 copyright) (mirror site)
    Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
    Los Primeros Libros de las Americas
    Athena (incl. French)
    Perseus Digital Library (mostly Classical - Renaissance)
    The Bible Reader's Museum
    Online Parallel Study Bibles
    Early Jewish Writings
    Early Christian Writings
    Internet Sacred Text Archive
    Baen Free Library (mostly sf)
    Gaslight (19th cent. horror)
    Harriers & Heroes: Projects (Firefly books)
    Wowio: Free Ebooks, Comics & Graphic Novels
    The Digital Comic Museum
    The Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation (movie & radio mags)
    Media History Digital Library
     Scribd 9read online)
    Forgotten Books (read online)
    my ebook
    JSTOR Advanced Search
    National Academies Press
    digitalculturebooks (U. of Mich.) (Cornell Univ. Libr.) (scientific papers)
    Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Digital Library
    Western European Theater Political Pamphlet Collection 1894-1918

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